Golden Ger International Film Festival 2013

Mongolian Underground Film Competition

Festival director: Ikhbayar Urchuud

…Cinema has helped nations build and reinforce their identities in times of social and cultural transformation. 

As post-communist Mongolia comes of age, our cinema has become increasingly commercial. Nonetheless, we believed that Mongolia has independent filmmakers who were free-spirited and not profit-motivated.  

Organizing the first ever underground film competition in the country, we therefore sought to empower a new generation of Mongolian filmmakers to break boundaries, to sow the seeds for a new wave of Mongolian cinema. 

Hence, the motto of our competition was Creativity Above Technique, signaling that we give emphasis to the originality and creativity of film ideas rather than video quality. 


We received a total of 26 films , of which 10 were sampled to give a glimpse of Mongolia’s budding underground cinema as part of a TV program series we prepared together with our media partner, Education TV channel

On June 22, 2013, the day of awards ceremony, all 26 films were screened to the audience of local film enthusiasts and the filmmakers. Afterwards, winners were announced and celebrated.  


Prominent figures in Mongolian cinema and the larger art industry, including film directors Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh and Munkh-Orgil Tumur, artist Sarantsatsralt Ser-Od, director of the Arts Council of Mongolia Ariunaa Tserenpil, and art historian Bodibaatar Jigjidsuren were invited to serve as jurors. 

5th Place: In Heaven – Tseveendulam Bold

4th Place: Diary of a Madman: Movements – Itgel

Competition Section


1st Place: Sailing Stone – Oyunzaya Amartuvshin

2nd Place: Reflections – Dorjkhand Davaa

3rd Place: Lines – Nyamtseren Altankhuyag


Mongolian Underground Film Competition


Mongolian experimental films




…Cinema is not only an expression of a culture, but an
essential part of it. It has the ability to change people’s minds and alter the way we behave as individuals and as a society.

    We sensed that there is revitalized energy to create new cultural identities that express a modern Mongolia. As we set off inspire and support young filmmakers, we have become a part of this exciting cultural boom. 

  • Enhanced networking and cooperation within Mongolian film-making community 
  • Our finalists presented their works at Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival 2013.
  • Filmmakers empowered to further participate  at other film festivals such as 48 Hour Film Project Mongolia
  • Increased appreciation of avant-garde cinema